Комплекты портативных осциллографов RTH1002 PLUS


NPP ELIKS company began its activities on the Russian market in 1992. From its foundation and up till now NPP ELIKS has been specializing in test and measuring equipment. NPP ELIKS is also an official distributor of such world-famous brands as AKTAKOM (Russia, USA). At the moment our product line comprises of a large variety of world class test and measuring equipment and numbers 2500 items. In 2002 NPP ELIKS started batch production of PC-based instruments — "USB-laboratory АКТАКОМ". While developing these instruments our engineers used complex approach enabling them to combine instruments in one measuring system. Now the product line of virtual instruments constituting USB-laboratory is a well-thought and well-balanced set of devices that allows you to solve a wide range of measuring tasks. USB-laboratory contains digital storage oscilloscopes, mixed signals oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, digital sequence generators, PC-controlled power supplies, functional generators, TV signal generators, as well as devices under LabVIEW management and industrial automation devices.

In 1998 NPP ELIKS was announced the only authorized TEKTRONIX service center in Russia. We provide warranty and non-warranty service of Tektronix test and measuring equipment as well as equipment produced by all foreign and home manufactures without any exception.

Moreover, NPP ELIKS manufactures and offers industrial furniture AKTAKOM, soldering and other accompanying equipment.

NPP ELIKS is the founder of scientific-technical magazine "Test and Measuring Instruments and Systems".


  • 30-year experience on the market of measuring equipment.
  • Official distributor and Platinum partner of Tektronix company (USA).
  • Tektronix authorised service provider.
  • Exclusive representative of the leading foreign companies from the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, China, etc.
  • NPP ELIKS represents interests of the most manufactures of test and measuring equipment in Russia.
  • Valid licenses:
    NPP ELIKS holds all licenses entitling it to manufacture and repair measuring instrumentation.
  • NPP ELIKS has its own accredited metrological service center:
    - Accreditation from State Committee for Standardization of Russia to verify measuring instrumentation (CE)
  • Skilled employees:
    - Annual trainings of engineers and managers in the leading instrument manufacturing companies and their service centers.
    - Annual inspection of our company by foreign partners. No faults found.
    - Seminars and trainings for dealers.
    - Our own design and development of multifunctional multimeters, systems of multi-functional monitoring and data acquisition, industrial automation devices, software for analog-digital converters, etc.
    - 98,7 % of our employees have higher technical education, part of them are candidates of technical sciences.
    - Our articles are published in the leading branch magazines.
  • NPP ELIKS participates in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad annually. Among them are "SviazExpocomm" in Moscow, "ExpoElectronica" in Moscow, "SibSviaz" in Novosibirsk, "Radel" in St. Petersburg.

The warranty period is up to 3 years, you can buy additional warranty.
NPP ELIKS supplies products to: Russia, CIS countries and to foreign countries.
Ways of delivering: customer pick-up, by post, railway and airway post, with couriers under DDP terms.

Please contact us

57-5, Kashirskoe shosse, Moscow, 115211, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 781-4969, 344-9765, 344-9766, 344-8476
Fax: +7 (495) 344-9810    E-mail:

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